"No matter their requirements, our clients expect one thing from us- peace of mind!"

Welcome to Core Solutions Concierge

Core Solutions Concierge was founded in 2012. We provide professional, creative and discrete solutions and assistance to every need, wish or requirement our clients may have. Our goal is to provide all-encompassing solutions to our clients covering their business as well as personal needs.

Our clientele hails from a variety of backgrounds with a broad array of needs;
No matter their requirements, our clients expect one thing from us- peace of mind!

After meticulously mapping out their particular needs our clients look to us to present them with the most suitable solutions and to enable them to concentrate on their work with no distractions. This entails an intimate knowledge of our clients' likes and dislikes, a high level of trust and discretion and open communication with full transparency over time. We are available to provide a solution to every eventuality; be it organizing a conference, a family event etc. With our in-house team and our extensive network of professional service providers we are in a prime position to find a fitting solution to any challenge thrown our way.

At Core Solutions Concierge we're renowned for going the extra mile to accommodate our clients' wishes. This we achieve by thinking out of the box which, combined with our organizational skills, enables us to provide excellent solutions, often working to very tight schedules. We nurture and maintain ongoing working relationships with our clients, we view this with the utmost importance and believe that a great working rapport is what keeps our clients coming back to us, time and again.

A satisfied client is the key to more business; our clients often refer their friends and colleagues to us, a clear signal that we're doing something right! Our diverse clientele includes representatives from many vocations and includes, among others, doctors, bankers, journalists, musicians, media and advertising professionals, public figures, academics, and more. We provide a truly global service, caring for our clients and their needs wherever they may be, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Team

Our team of professionals, both our in-house team, as well as our international network of external consultants, hired for their unique capabilities, encompasses many fields of expertise including:

• Personal assistance
• Project managers
• Stylists
• Event planners
• Travel organizers including flight, hotel and itinerary booking
• Property experts
• Legal and accountancy
• Venue and event scouts
• Coordinators
• Event, venue and VIP access booking
• Lighting and sound professionals
• Catering, housekeeping and valet
• Transportation coordinators and professionals

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